Introducing STTATT™

The portable, remotely-activated emergency response station.

Patented technology that delivers a safe, effective, and automatic response method to fires, floods, and power outages.

Disaster mitigation for the critical moments before help can arrive.

In the event of an emergency, STTATT can self-charge internal battery systems, communicate with designated clients, and activate user-programmable protocols to effectively and efficiently respond to fires, floods and power outages.


Remotely Activated

STTATT is automatically activated by FEMA, NOAA, and other public and private emergency service signals.


Powerful Hose

Whether inbound or outbound, STATT pumps liquids at emergency service pressures to reduce flooding or the spread flames.


Safe Generator

STTATT safely generates battery-powered electricity to support a range of ancillary equipment in the event of an outage.


Portable & User Programmable

Set on a wheeled cart, STTATT can easily be maneuvered by an able-bodied person and preset for unattended use.

Personal Use

Residential & Commercial Uses

Currently in development, the STTATT emergency system will provide portable models for use in homes as well as farms, ranches, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.

Professional Use

Professional Application

The STTATT emergency system will also be offered in at least one professional model designed for trained professionals in military and emergency services, and for installation on military or governmental sites.

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