STTATT™, the portable, remotely activated emergency response station for disaster mitigation.

The patented STTATT system is a portable emergency station that enables owners to act as their own first responders to defend and prepare their property in those critical moments before additional help can arrive — even if they are not on-site.

The STTATT Prototype System

When alerted by wireless and web-based emergency signals, STTATT begins charging its battery systems, communicates with designated clients, and activates user-programmable protocols to respond to a variety of emergency situations, including wildfires, floods, and power outages.


Remotely Activated

STTATT automatically detects wireless alert signals from IPAWS via NOAA, FEMA, and other emergency service agencies.


Powerful Hose

When remotely or manually activated, STATT pumps liquids at emergency service pressures to mitigate fire and flood situations.


Power Supply

In the event of an outage, STTATT automatically generates battery-powered electricity to support a range of ancillary equipment.


Portable & User Programmable

STTATT can be manually moved to emergency sites by an able-bodied person or preset for unattended use.

Personal Use

Residential & Commercial Uses

Currently in development, the STTATT emergency system will provide portable models for use in homes, farms, ranches, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.

Professional Use

Patents & Trademarks

If&When holds multiple patents for the STTATT Emergency System in the United States, Japan, Israel, China, and Russia, with patents pending in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the Republic of Korea. Additionally, STTATT trademarks are secured and pending across the world.

STTATT Potential Partnerships

If&When is seeking governmental and commercial partnerships to further advance the development, manufacturing and distribution of the STTATT emergency system prototype.

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